Our Mission Is To Transform Every Company From An Ordinary Company To A Digital Technology Enterprise

We are committed to provide quality information technology services to our clients with a blend and breadth of industry experience and talent available at our offshore delivery center. itransfluence has been consistently designing, developing, testing, implementing and supporting prestigious software client assignments for international and domestic markets. Our teams hold extensive experience in various industry verticals and our best practices repository allows us to offer faster solutions to our clients, ensuring immediate business benefits. All our customers are benefiting from our Delivery Methodology which ensures all our engagements are successfully completed “on time” and “within Budget”…

Meet Xeelo - The most innovative business tool

Xeelo is a software platform which will increase your existing business performance exponentially. Whether you need to refine your existing ERP, better integrate many different systems and control master data, or just need a simple standalone workflow/document management tool for your business users to be more effective, Xeelo is the way to go.

It integrates painlessly with your key systems, helping you build on your existing IT investments and tools without having to replace applications that work. It will bring a new element of user friendly automation to your business and provide a single control center & dashboard to monitor your corporate performance and efficiency.