The digital journey is about treading uncharted and unfamiliar territory. It is riddled with questions and challenges. How can I scale digital initiatives across geographies? What kind of governance model should we consider? Do my employees have the right digital skills? How can I drive employee engagement in an age of declining loyalties? What is my role as a leader?

At the Digital Transformation Institute, these are some of the questions we try to tackle in our research. We are curious and passionate about all things digital.

We draw on the worldwide network of iTransfluence’s experts and work closely with academic and technology partners. We have dedicated research centers in the Gulf, India and USA.

Areas of Research


Discover the processes and methodologies used to integrate the ERP
Technology Framework in your data center environment.

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IT Transformation

Make your IT Transformation real. Maximize the agility and performance of
your data center with Xeelo - Transformation Tool.

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Cloud Computing

Establish your cloud strategy. Enable a team of architects to plan and design cloud infrastructure that supports multiple types of services.