“Our most important asset is our customers. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to maintain a good relationship with our customers. That is our primary goal. We do this by taking all inputs seriously and customize our solutions to our customer needs, and most importantly, always being available when needed.”


iTransfluence offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing Oracle E-Business Suite, covering a broad spectrum of functionalities such as design, development, implementation, upgrades, migration, integration, global roll-outs, and continuous support and maintenance. Our approach is grounded in a blend of industry experience, proprietary methodologies, reusable components, and intellectual property, combined with Oracle accelerators and expertise, ensuring that our clients receive holistic E-Business Suite solutions that align with their unique business requirements.

We specialize in providing complete lifecycle management for Oracle E-Business Suite, managing everything from initial installation and configuration to ongoing upgrades, migrations, and maintenance. With extensive experience across diverse configurations and high-availability architectures, including load balancing, RAC, Data Guard, and parallel concurrent processing, we deliver robust and scalable solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Oracle E-Business Suite serves as a comprehensive suite of integrated business applications, empowering organizations to streamline processes, enhance decision-making, and drive enterprise-wide performance improvements. It facilitates better resource optimization, capitalizes on global opportunities, and ultimately enhances competitiveness while reducing costs.

Within the Oracle E-Business Suite, our solutions span a wide range of modules, including financial management, project management, asset lifecycle management, supply chain management, human capital management, mobile solutions, business intelligence, and reporting. Our expertise extends to leveraging Oracle Unified Methodology (OUM) to accelerate implementations, upgrades, and business transformations, enabling organizations to achieve greater efficiency and agility while minimizing customization efforts.

With a wealth of experience across various industries and verticals, iTransfluence delivers tailored Oracle E-Business Suite solutions designed to address specific business challenges and objectives. Whether you’re embarking on a new implementation, upgrading your existing system, or optimizing your business processes, iTransfluence is your trusted partner in driving success and growth.